Afton’s Nightmare

Afton’s Nightmare is an online survival horror Fnaf game made by a fan. It hides many scary characters coming from FNaF: Sister Location Custom Night. Join the new story and play as a guard hired to watch over the building within several nights. And now, you are forced to defend yourself from those deadly animatronic robots to survive. It is best to escape their jumpscares rapidly. They consist of Golden Freddy, Circus Baby and even more.

In Fnaf Afton’s Nightmare game, you need to monitor your foes’ movements by using cameras. You should interact with everything around your dark area so that you will be able to hide under the desk and avoid their attacks. Always supervise the room in Afton’s Nightmare and make a plan to deal with dangerous cases before you can get rid of that creepy location! Be careful! These wicked killer machines love to lurk in shadows and jump out in sudden. Embark on your adventure and become the winner!

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