In Daud.io, you take control of a fleet around the huge cosmos and you must fight against lots of opponents in the arena for your ultimate glory. You start with just a small fleet of basic ships, and once you have gathered more special power-ups or even collected a lot of kills, your fleet will grow in power, which means you can easily take on even the toughest foes in the arena. It’s important to play with good tactics as you can outsmart your opponents without using too much effort. You still have to watch out for your surroundings even when you are already strong as others can catch you off guard and ambush you anytime they have a chance for. Do whatever it takes to protect your fleet from the incoming enemy’s attacks. You should sometimes speed up to escape away those dangers or to catch your targets faster. The main goal in Daud.io is to become the strongest fleet in the arena!

Cbeebies Gameplay