Challenge your sports-playing skill with a fantastic team-based game called and see if you can defeat all opponents from around the world or not. This Sports-themed IO game promises to rock your soul and give you a lot of fun. It features familiar yet wonderful football gameplay, with amazing 2D graphics. You will be pitted against other foes in the same football match. Once everything is kicked off, you move around the pitch making a crazy dash to score a touchdown at the end zone. The opponents will do something to hinder your way, so it’s very important to use your abilities and strategies to elude all f them, and you must also jump to elude getting tackled. Watch out for your surroundings all the time! Your big goal is to win a host of matches then work your way to the ultimate victory to claim your football trophy. Are you excited about it? Come to give it a shot now!

Cbeebies Gameplay