Freddy’s Bomb

Take the new job in Fnaf Freddy’s Bomb game and get ready to discover Freddy’s Burger! It is a small arena which is suitable for you to carry out your job. Play as a night guard and remember to watch out the restaurant as well as to keep everything in place! However, you do not forget that wicked cartoonish-style animatronics of Freddy’s Bomb have behaved suspiciously. It’s essential to keep an eye on their moves! Additionally, you will only have five days to earn your paycheck. Are you willing to embark on your mission?

At the lobby of Fnaf Freddy’s Bomb, you can choose a character you want. Furthermore, you are able to help the player dress up. But, you need to have enough money. Next, begin to launch the first stage at a parking lot. And its goal requires you to search for the exit way. After you spawn at a corner of a dark room with limited visibility, you should walk and lay bombs to remove obstacles. Do not ignore collecting gold coins! They are useful items in Freddy’s Bomb game to upgrade weapons and stat slots. Be careful! Avoid explosions or you will die. In addition, do not touch roaming robots. But, drop your explosives on their path to kill them. Attempt to survive and gain the highest score on each level! Moreover, there are different quests waiting for you to finish. Good luck!

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