Gamer’s World

Step into the Gamer’s World and fight for your team’s victory now! Gamer’s World is a challenging zombies-themed game online that is free to access in a browser. Basically, it’s very the same as in terms of gameplay, but it promises to give you new different gaming experience. You will take on the role of either a human or a zombie at the beginning of the game. For the zombie team, they have to make their way through the map spreading a lot of viruses to kill all humans, while the human team must search for a safe place to survive that contamination. They have to work together to build covers, block the doors and prevent the zombies from approaching. Do whatever it takes to defeat the opponent team! The main goal in this IO game is to make your team triumph all over the rivals! Are you ready for it? Jump into the action now!

Cbeebies Gameplay