Jump into a big arena of game and fight like a true shooter! In this Strategy 2D Shooter game online, you take on the role of a penguin-style character equipped with an unstoppable snowgun. You must make your way through the arena having your gun up in order to shoot down any opponent standing in your way. You’d better aim at them accurately, give them deadly headshots and wipe them out completely before they have a chance to shoot you back. During the course of the gunfight, try your hardest to defend yourself at the same time dealing damage to your opponents. If you take massive damage, it means the game will be over for you. Once you die, you will have to enter another game and try again. features a lot of great elements to enjoy, such as snow-covered terrain, snowfall, etc. You will experience all of them during the game! Will you become the most dangerous penguin in the arena? Play it now!

Cbeebies Gameplay