TDFork is a Strategy Tower-Defense-themed IO game online bringing you further challenges to vanquish. It is known as an improved edition of the original TD and playable online for free in a browser. In this edition, you will compete against up to 15 waves of opponents. They will come wave after wave just to take your gem away. The game is located at the bottom of the map, so you must protect it at all costs. If you let the rivals approach it, they will take it away, causing the game to be over. You’d better stop their movements by placing multiple turrets with other protective towers. Make sure you arrange these weapons in a strategic way. When you pick up kills, more coins will be given to you, which means you can easily purchase stronger weapons, fix your buildings and get more upgrades. The game has lots of stages with increasing toughness. Can you conquer all of them? Play TDFork now!

Cbeebies Gameplay