Uncolored Dungeon

Prepare your skills in advance for a dangerous adventure in Uncolored Dungeon! This free-for-all RPG game lets you wander around a series of deadly dungeons and you take on the role of a cute magician. In this adventure, you must go into the dungeons for gaining more power by training yourself as well as finding brand new weapons. You can also learn new spells and magic, which is an essential thing for your survival in the case as well. When you come across the enemy magicians, you must use your weapons all the skills to defeat them before they dish out their damage to you. Soaking damage from the rivals will make you meet your doom instantly, therefore, do whatever it takes to elude them! Develop your smart strategies through over time as well! You will be able to outsmart your opponents using those strategies. The biggest objective of this IO game is to become the strongest magician!

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